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Come support our dancers today at the 1:00 pm free TSODA dance concert at Baldwin Auditorium

It’s a beautiful Palm Sunday!  Come and watch some wonderful dancing today, FREE and open to the public, and support our Middle and High School Contemporary/Lyrical Classes, along with tapper Daniel Marshall, who have been invited to perform at the Truman Society of Dance Arts Spring Concert.  Miss Olivia has done a spectacular job choreographing these pieces and preparing these dancers for this performance.  I hope to see you there at Baldwin Auditorium at 1 p.m. today!


David E. FosterDavid Foster, who has danced at Alvin Ailey and the Nashville Ballet, and has appeared in productions of
“Mama Mia” and “The Wiz” and was a dancer in the classic movie remake of “Dirty Dancing” will be our guest instructor for our older Dance Intensive this Friday.  He is also inviting dancers for a special one hour session that day in which he will be choreographing a jazz/hip hop dance (4:30-5:30 p.m.).  We are very fortunate to have David instruct at our studio!

Miss Marcia

Policy Regarding Number of Class Meetings for 2017-18 Fall/Spring Semesters

This is a reminder that our dance classes resume at the Kirksville studio the week of January 8 and 9. This means that a total of 34 class offerings (note: our fall and spring major rehearsals are considered class offerings) are on the schedule for the 2017-18 Fall/Spring dance season. Since we guarantee 32 class offerings each year, this means if all of these classes take place without any weather cancellations, students will receive two bonus class meetings. The first two weather cancellation for any class, then, will not need to be made up; however, if there are more than 2 such weather cancellation, we will schedule makeup sessions for such classes. The full spring schedule is now posted on our web site and Dance Studio of Kirksville Facebook page.

Ridge McGinley Takes First in Bill Riley Talent Search

Director Marcia Taylor extended her over the top excitement and congratulations to Ridge McGinley, instructor at the The Dance Studio. Ridge is a mega talented dancer and instructor on his way to the top of the dance world.


National Tap Champion, Makenna Carnes

Director Marcia Taylor is proud to announce the outstanding performances of our dancers at the EDGE National Talent Competition: 6 dancers were national champions; 2 were national runners-up; 9 other individual and group entries finished in the top 5 in their categories; 24 high point plaques were awarded to our dancers; 3 of our dancers were selected for the national EDGE dance team; and ALL of our entries were awarded platinum or high gold. Pictured here is national tap champion in her age division, Makenna Carnes (right), with her individual instructor and sister, Miss Morgan.

Fall Registration Day

Tell your friends to come and register for fall classes this Saturday 10 am – 2 pm at The Dance Studio. Registration fee will be waived and receive a 10 percent discount on fees paid.

2017 Summer Dance Camp


It’s Miss Marcia here, and I hope you are dancing with us at our 25th annual summer dance camp Wednesday, July 26 – Friday, July 28! We are going to have a great time, and summer dance is relaxed, fun, and when students can make progress quickly.  

I hope you’ll get registered TODAY by enrolling online below, or by calling our registration hotline at 816-808-0839, or by e-mailing us at

Summer Dance Campers will have the opportunity to dance at our Annual Summer Outdoor Dance Concert Sunday, July 30, and be eligible to dance at the RED BARN ARTS FESTIVAL in September. Bring a new dancer with you to Camp (she/he must register in advance, too) and you will both receive 25% off your fee (pay only $30, instead of $38).  

I hope to see you soon!!!! 

Marcia Taylor
Director of Dance 

P.S. Our Fall Schedule of Classes is already posted online, and you are able to enroll for Fall Classes and even make your first payment online now.





Our very popular, highly-regarded Summer Dance Camps are always fun, focused and fabulous dance experiences that emphasize improving dance technique and building a joy for dance. Participating students will also have the opportunity to perform at what has become one of our most popular performance venues – our Annual Summer Outdoor Dance Concert on Sunday, July 30 (no costume or ticket fees!), which concludes a phenomenal 2016-17 dance season.


MARCIA TAYLOR, director and principal instructor of THE DANCE STUDIO OF KIRKSVILLE and THE DANCE STUDIO OF IOWA, has directed award-winning Dance Camps and Intensives throughout the Midwest, including the nationally-recognized Young Audiences Program in Kansas City and the dance camp program at Truman State University. She earned her degree in dance from the Conservatory of   Music and Dance at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, as well as her degree in Early Childhood Education. Marcia is a former professional dancer who has been on the dance faculties of three universities. She is also a former Miss Missouri, where she was grand talent winner as a jazz dancer and represented Missouri in the Miss America Pageant. Marcia also danced as an NFL Kansas City Chiefette.


MARINA FANNING, instructor, is currently co-director of Kirksville High School’s award-winning Tiger Dance Team. She was Captain of the Kirksville High School Dance Team in high school before becoming a Truman State University Showgirl Dance Team member in college. Marina has won numerous awards at state, regional and national dance competitions. She is a very popular and highly skilled teacher at THE DANCE STUDIO OF KIRKSVILLE, who has great versatility as an instructor because of her dance training and performing in all popular genres – jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, contemporary, and dance team. She has a special love for young dancers, ages 3-7. Marina was also captain of the PEOPLE IN MOTION DANCERS and a lead dancer for TAP CATS PERFORMERS.

SPECIAL GUEST INSTRUCTORS will assist with our Camps and are sure to bring their great talent and added excitement to the week!    

Over 1,000 students have attended our dance camps/intensives!

>Photos of previous dance camps/intensives are on our website at<

    The following student(s) want to register for the following summer dance camps

    (your check must be received by 7-24, but can be post-dated to 7-31):

    *The cost of all dance camps is only $38 for the entire session.

    Student’s Name(s) and Grade(s) (required):

    Student's Birth Date:

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    *Please register by submitting this completed registration form and submitting your payment at your earliest convenience to THE DANCE STUDIO, 107 North Marion Street, Kirksville, MO 63501 by 7-24). Class positions are limited in numbers and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


    Our rehearsal schedule is NOT organized according to which performance a given class is in; it is organized more by age groupings from youngest to oldest classes, so look carefully to see when your class is rehearsing (some students will need to be at 2 of the 3 rehearsals).  Our goal is to begin all rehearsals on time, so if your dancer is late, she/he might miss the rehearsal of one or more of her/his dances.  For the first rehearsal specifically for the youngest classes, parents should remain on site because their dancer might be finished within 30 minutes or even less.  NO DANCER IN THE 2nd OR 3rd REHEARSALS IS TO GO IN THE DRESSING AREAS UNTIL THE PRECEDING REHEARSAL IS COMPLETED; INSTEAD, SIT IN THE AUDIENCE AND QUIETLY WATCH THE PRECEDING REHEARSAL UNTIL IT IS OVER.  ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE AUDITORIUM OR DRESSING AREAS EXCEPT WATER (Kirksville Public Schools policy) – if we see food or drink in the auditorium, you will be asked to remove it, thank you.  Again, being in the first rehearsal does not necessarily mean you are in the 1st performance, or in the second rehearsal in the 2nd performance, and so forth.  This rehearsal schedule will also be prominently posted at the Studio and on our web site.   


    8:45 -10:00 a.m. Rehearsal Classes

    Tuesday 5:15 “Pink” Class

    Wednesday 3:15 “Pink” Class

    Wednesday 5:00 “Pink” Class

    Wednesday 5:40 “White” Class

    PIM 1 Class

    TAP CATS 1 Class

    Adult Class


    9:45 -11:00 a.m. Rehearsal Classes

    PIM 2 Class            TAP CATS 2 Class

    PIM 3 Class            TAP CATS 3 Class

    PIM 4 Class            Hippity Hop Class

    PIM 5 Class            Youth Hip Hop Class

    Jr. Lyrical Class      Junior Hip Hop Class

    Youth Ballet Class


    11:00 -11:20 a.m. Rehearsal Classes

    All Dancers Performing the Halftime Routine at the EDGE Competition


    11:20 a.m. –12:50 p.m. Rehearsal Classes

    PIM 6 Class                 TAP CATS 4 Class

    PIM 7 Class                 Senior Lyrical Class

    Adv. Hip Hop Class    4 Senior Solos

    Adv. Ballet Class         Intermediate Ballet Class

    Boys Class


    1. “What Do You Like To Do In Summer?” (ballet shoes)Tuesday 5:15 Crea. Move. Class; 9:00 Macon Campers
    2. “River Flows In You”- Thursday 6:30 Intermediate Ballet Class
    3. “Supercalifragilistic”- Peyton Cordray Solo
    4. “America”- Thursday 8:15 Senior Lyrical/Contemporary
    5. “Rockin’ Robin” (tap shoes)– Tuesday 4:30 Intro. To TAP CATS
    6. “For Good”- Mikaela Schlueter Solo
    7. “Footloose” (jazz shoes)Tuesday 6:50 PIM 4/5 Class
    8. “Twist Your Frown Upside Down”- Delaney Banner Solo
    9. “Sugar Plum Fairy”- Thursday 7:20 Advanced Ballet/Pointe Class
    10. “Let’s Get Loud”- Allie Yoder Solo
    11. “Walking On Sunshine”- Lily Partin Solo
    12. “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (ballet shoes)Monday 5:05, Tuesday 5:15 and Thursday 5:15 Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Classes
    13. “Vacation”- Tuesday 4:15 Youth Hip Hop Class
    14. “What a Feeling”- Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7 Class students who were PIM 6’s in the Spring
    15. “Don Quixote”- Kate Marshall Solo
    16. “Music, Music, Music” (tap shoes) Monday 5:45 Int.-Adv. Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Class
    17. “Hold My Hand”- Emma Stanley Solo
    18. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” (jazz shoes)Kirksville 5:30 and Kirksville 7:30 Dance Intensive Students
    19. “Blessing” (ballet shoes)Monday 6:30 PIM 2/3 Class students who were PIM 2’s in the Spring Showcase; Eva Sterup & Kirksville 1:15 Dance Intensive Students who were PIM 2’s in the Spring
    20. “Surfin’ in the USA” (tap shoes)Thursday 4:35 TAP CATS ¾ Class
    21. “Home”- Millie Scruggs Solo
    22. “Pocket Full of Sunshine” (tap shoes)TAP CATS 1/2
    23. “Classic Ballet”- Monday 4:00 Youth Ballet Class
    24. “Take It to the Floor”- Tuesday 8:30 Senior Hip Hop Class
    25. “Mack the Knife”- Jacob Carriker Solo
    26. “Waltz of the Dolls”- Morgan Mullock Solo
    27. “Sunshine and Summer Time” (jazz or ballet shoes)Tuesday 5:55 PIM 1 Class; 1:00 Macon Dance Campers
    28. “Color Blind”- Taylor Henness
    29. “Summertime Jazz” (jazz shoes)Kirksville 3:30 Dance Intensive Students
    30. “Not About Angels”- Cynthia Willcox Solo
    31. “Listen . .. “ (ballet shoes) Monday 5:05 and Thursday 5:15 Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Classes; Macy Cleaver, Maggie Athon; 9:00 Macon Dance Campers
    32. “When I Met You In the Summer”- Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7 Class
    33. “Heal the World”- Tuesday 6:50 PIM 4/5 students who were in PIM 4 this spring; Kirksville 3:30 and 5:30 Dance Intensive Students who were PIM 4’s in the Spring Showcase
    34. “Singin’ In the Rain”- Daniel Marshall solo
    35. “Dance, Dance”-Monday 5:45 Int.-Adv. Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Class, Ansley Jackman, and Macon 1:00 Dance Camp
    36. “Go Light the World”- Rachel Case Solo
    37. “Four Swans”- Thursday 7:20 Advanced Ballet/Pointe Class
    38. “Guns and Ships”- Sydney Graves
    39. “Spice Up Your Life”- Monday 6:30 PIM 2/3 and Kirksville 1:15 Summer Dance Intensive students
    40. “Gravity”- Randall Chambers Solo
    41. “Surf’s Up” (jazz shoes)Thursday 5:45 Junior Lyrical/Contemporary Class
    42. “How Will I Know?”- Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7 Class students who were in PIM 7 in the Spring Showcase
    43. 2016 Halftime Routine- All Dance Campers


    Click here for the Macon 5:30 and 7:30 show order of show and costuming