1. “What Do You Like To Do In Summer?” (ballet shoes)Tuesday 5:15 Crea. Move. Class; 9:00 Macon Campers
  2. “River Flows In You”- Thursday 6:30 Intermediate Ballet Class
  3. “Supercalifragilistic”- Peyton Cordray Solo
  4. “America”- Thursday 8:15 Senior Lyrical/Contemporary
  5. “Rockin’ Robin” (tap shoes)– Tuesday 4:30 Intro. To TAP CATS
  6. “For Good”- Mikaela Schlueter Solo
  7. “Footloose” (jazz shoes)Tuesday 6:50 PIM 4/5 Class
  8. “Twist Your Frown Upside Down”- Delaney Banner Solo
  9. “Sugar Plum Fairy”- Thursday 7:20 Advanced Ballet/Pointe Class
  10. “Let’s Get Loud”- Allie Yoder Solo
  11. “Walking On Sunshine”- Lily Partin Solo
  12. “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (ballet shoes)Monday 5:05, Tuesday 5:15 and Thursday 5:15 Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Classes
  13. “Vacation”- Tuesday 4:15 Youth Hip Hop Class
  14. “What a Feeling”- Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7 Class students who were PIM 6’s in the Spring
  15. “Don Quixote”- Kate Marshall Solo
  16. “Music, Music, Music” (tap shoes) Monday 5:45 Int.-Adv. Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Class
  17. “Hold My Hand”- Emma Stanley Solo
  18. “Knocking On Heaven’s Door” (jazz shoes)Kirksville 5:30 and Kirksville 7:30 Dance Intensive Students
  19. “Blessing” (ballet shoes)Monday 6:30 PIM 2/3 Class students who were PIM 2’s in the Spring Showcase; Eva Sterup & Kirksville 1:15 Dance Intensive Students who were PIM 2’s in the Spring
  20. “Surfin’ in the USA” (tap shoes)Thursday 4:35 TAP CATS ¾ Class
  21. “Home”- Millie Scruggs Solo
  22. “Pocket Full of Sunshine” (tap shoes)TAP CATS 1/2
  23. “Classic Ballet”- Monday 4:00 Youth Ballet Class
  24. “Take It to the Floor”- Tuesday 8:30 Senior Hip Hop Class
  25. “Mack the Knife”- Jacob Carriker Solo
  26. “Waltz of the Dolls”- Morgan Mullock Solo
  27. “Sunshine and Summer Time” (jazz or ballet shoes)Tuesday 5:55 PIM 1 Class; 1:00 Macon Dance Campers
  28. “Color Blind”- Taylor Henness
  29. “Summertime Jazz” (jazz shoes)Kirksville 3:30 Dance Intensive Students
  30. “Not About Angels”- Cynthia Willcox Solo
  31. “Listen . .. “ (ballet shoes) Monday 5:05 and Thursday 5:15 Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Classes; Macy Cleaver, Maggie Athon; 9:00 Macon Dance Campers
  32. “When I Met You In the Summer”- Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7 Class
  33. “Heal the World”- Tuesday 6:50 PIM 4/5 students who were in PIM 4 this spring; Kirksville 3:30 and 5:30 Dance Intensive Students who were PIM 4’s in the Spring Showcase
  34. “Singin’ In the Rain”- Daniel Marshall solo
  35. “Dance, Dance”-Monday 5:45 Int.-Adv. Creative Movement/Pre-Dance Class, Ansley Jackman, and Macon 1:00 Dance Camp
  36. “Go Light the World”- Rachel Case Solo
  37. “Four Swans”- Thursday 7:20 Advanced Ballet/Pointe Class
  38. “Guns and Ships”- Sydney Graves
  39. “Spice Up Your Life”- Monday 6:30 PIM 2/3 and Kirksville 1:15 Summer Dance Intensive students
  40. “Gravity”- Randall Chambers Solo
  41. “Surf’s Up” (jazz shoes)Thursday 5:45 Junior Lyrical/Contemporary Class
  42. “How Will I Know?”- Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7 Class students who were in PIM 7 in the Spring Showcase
  43. 2016 Halftime Routine- All Dance Campers

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