Below is the rehearsal schedule and costuming information for the summer showcase. The order of the show, along with what shoes to wear for each dance, can be found here. Both the rehearsal and the performance are at Rotary Park in Kirksville at the pavilion near the swimming pool.

9:00-10:00 a.m.

10:30-Noon Summer Dance Campers

Monday 5:05, Tuesday 5:15 & Thursday 5:15 Summer “pink” Classes

Monday 5:45 “whites”

Tuesday 5:55 PIM 1’s

Tuesday 3:30 TAP CATS 1/2

Tuesday 4:30 Intro to TAP CATS

Macon 9:00 Dance Campers

Macon 1:00 Dance Campers

10:00-11:00 p.m.

1:15-3:00 Summer Intensive

3:30-5:15 Summer Intensive

Monday 4:00 Summer Youth Ballet Class

Monday 6:30 PIM 2/3

Tuesday 4:15 Youth Hip Hop

Tuesday 6:50 PIM 4/5

Thursday 5:45 Junior Lyrical/Contemporary


5:30-7:30 Summer Intensive

7:30-9:30 Summer Intensive

Tuesday 7:40 PIM 6/7

Tuesday 8:30 Senior Hip Hop

Thursday 4:35 TAP CATS 3/4

Thursday 6:30 Inter. Ballet

Thursday 7:20 Adv. Ballet

Thursday 8:15 Senior Lyrical/Contemp

Noon-12:45 p.m.

All Solos


All “pinks” will wear any pink┬áleotard with any summer shorts from home (no tights or pink tights)

All “whites” will wear any white leotard or white tank or white t-shirt over any summer shorts (no tights or pink tights)

All PIM’s wear any black camisole, short-sleeve or long-sleeve leotard over any dance shorts

Ballet only students wear same as PIM’s

hip hop only and tap only students wear black tank or t-shirt over any dance shorts

soloists wear their solo costumes

for the following dances students will wear costuming they wore for those dances at the Spring Showcase:

“Blessing” for PIM 2’s

“Heal the World” for PIM 4’s

“What a Feeling” for PIM 6’s

“How Will I Know?” for PIM 7’s

“America” for Sr. Lyrical

Macon Dance Campers will wear their class leotards (can roll up sleeves) and any summer shorts from home

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