Our rehearsal schedule is NOT organized according to which performance a given class is in; it is organized more by age groupings from youngest to oldest classes, so look carefully to see when your class is rehearsing (some students will need to be at 2 of the 3 rehearsals).  Our goal is to begin all rehearsals on time, so if your dancer is late, she/he might miss the rehearsal of one or more of her/his dances.  For the first rehearsal specifically for the youngest classes, parents should remain on site because their dancer might be finished within 30 minutes or even less.  NO DANCER IN THE 2nd OR 3rd REHEARSALS IS TO GO IN THE DRESSING AREAS UNTIL THE PRECEDING REHEARSAL IS COMPLETED; INSTEAD, SIT IN THE AUDIENCE AND QUIETLY WATCH THE PRECEDING REHEARSAL UNTIL IT IS OVER.  ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINKS IN THE AUDITORIUM OR DRESSING AREAS EXCEPT WATER (Kirksville Public Schools policy) – if we see food or drink in the auditorium, you will be asked to remove it, thank you.  Again, being in the first rehearsal does not necessarily mean you are in the 1st performance, or in the second rehearsal in the 2nd performance, and so forth.  This rehearsal schedule will also be prominently posted at the Studio and on our web site.   


8:45 -10:00 a.m. Rehearsal Classes

Tuesday 5:15 “Pink” Class

Wednesday 3:15 “Pink” Class

Wednesday 5:00 “Pink” Class

Wednesday 5:40 “White” Class

PIM 1 Class

TAP CATS 1 Class

Adult Class


9:45 -11:00 a.m. Rehearsal Classes

PIM 2 Class            TAP CATS 2 Class

PIM 3 Class            TAP CATS 3 Class

PIM 4 Class            Hippity Hop Class

PIM 5 Class            Youth Hip Hop Class

Jr. Lyrical Class      Junior Hip Hop Class

Youth Ballet Class


11:00 -11:20 a.m. Rehearsal Classes

All Dancers Performing the Halftime Routine at the EDGE Competition


11:20 a.m. –12:50 p.m. Rehearsal Classes

PIM 6 Class                 TAP CATS 4 Class

PIM 7 Class                 Senior Lyrical Class

Adv. Hip Hop Class    4 Senior Solos

Adv. Ballet Class         Intermediate Ballet Class

Boys Class

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