Truman State University Homecoming Parade Details

All PEOPLE IN MOTION DANCERS will be marching in the 2016 Truman State University Parade Saturday, October 22.

Before Parade

We will meet at the Studio at 8:00 a.m.

The parade is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m.

We will walk to our starting position as a group and would like our PIM 1 dancers to have one of their parents accompany them to the starting position – PIM 1 parents can leave us once we are in position (unless you feel like your dancer needs you to be at hand as we are marching).

During Parade

We are entry number 31 in the parade, in the first third of the parade. Cheer on our dancers as they pass!

After Parade

A parent for each dancer must be at the end of the parade route by the Red Barn on South Franklin Street past the Franklin and Patterson Streets intersection. Please be there to pick up your child by when we are done with the parade route, rather than when the whole parade is over.

We will take a group photo of all of our PIM DANCERS and then release them to their parents. Please don’t be one of the couple of parents who is not there because it creates real anxiety for our dancers who must then walk back up the entire parade route with Miss Marcia to the Studio).  


  • PIM Jacket
  • black jazz pants
  • black PIM Class leotard or black camisole leotard (can be worn under the blue sparkle top if you have one – if you don’t have a sparkle top, don’t worry about it because it is not necessary for this performance)
  • tights (can wear black socks over them if it is cold)
  • white or nearly all white tennis shoes (Walmart has a $5.87 version)
    • “nearly white” is not pink and gray or purple and black
  • blue hair scrunchie or blue hair tie (will have them Saturday if you have never received one)
  • PIM pom poms
  • Other warm clothes can be worn under the jacket and pants as dictated by the weather
  • hair should be in a bun or pony tail (pulled off the face).

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