Fee Payment Schedule

THE DANCE STUDIO has had the same fees for over 10 years! THE DANCE STUDIO offers a 30-class academic year schedule (late August – early May), a 5-week summer session (mid-June to late July), and a four-day summer dance camp/intensive program (late July or early August). We also offer convenient payment plans for all dance sessions.

The academic year dance schedule offers 31 class dates (one extra class meeting) for all classes, which builds in one snow date for every class that does not have to be made up. If there is no snow date cancellation for a particular class, then the 31st class is a bonus class. Every snow date cancellation after the first such cancellation for any given class is made up. Our major Spring Showcase rehearsal is one of our class dates. The 5-week summer session runs in consecutive weeks; however, 4th of July conflicts are avoided.

Families may pay by the yearby the semestertwice a semester, or in 9 convenient monthly installments (August 15-April 15).  Many families choose the convenient monthly installment payment plan in which fees are due the 15th day of the month with a generous 7day grace period before a nominal $7.50 late fee is assessed.  All payments are credited to accounts in chronological order. The 5-week summer session can be paid any time during the summer session of classes. For planning purposes and proper student groupings, the initial fee must accompany all registration forms.

THE DANCE STUDIO’S low fees have remained unchanged for over ten years; also, discounts are provided for multiple classes for a single student or classes for multiple students from the same family, or a combination of both. A 10 percent “early bird” reduction of fees and waiver of the $12 annual registration fee are offered for all fees paid by July 31Partial dance scholarships are available for families with extreme financial need.

*A student is not officially enrolled until the initial payment is received and remains enrolled in class until the Director of Dance is notified in writing of the student’s intention to disenroll from class. A student must be officially enrolled (registration form completed and initial payment submitted) before joining a class. The fee for the first session in which a student enrolls is non-refundable. Students wanting to “sample” a class can do so if they obtain the approval of the Director of Dance and pay a special single class sampler rate (which will be applied to their monthly fee if they decide to continue in the class). All student fees must be current to participate in any performance. All specific fees, including applicable discounts, can be found in the “Registration Form” section of this website.