Post-Performance Class Schedule

The following is the very important post-performance schedule at our Studio:

December 12-15 (Mon. – Thurs.)

The week immediately following this Saturday’s performances is Intense Halftime Routine Practice for all PEOPLE IN MOTION Classes (PIM DANCERS need to be in class) and Dance Technique Week for all other classes.

December 19-21 (Mon. – Wed.)

The next week is Bring a Friend to Dance Class Week, whereby students have the option of bringing a friend to dance class, which we strongly support. We do not have Thursday, December 22 classes, so your “Bring a Friend Day” will be later in January.

Christmas Break

Christmas break begins Thursday, December 22. There will be no classes that day. Classes resume at their current times on Thursday, January 5.

The Spring Schedule of Classes will be posted on our web site and on Facebook in the next week to 10 days.

Halftime at Truman

Thursday, January 12, all PEOPLE IN MOTION DANCERS will perform the halftime routines at Truman State University (more specific information will follow).

Private Lessons after recital

If you take private lessons, get together with your instructor to see what your schedule is in the weeks immediately following our Christmas performances.

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